The undergraduate minor in environmental policy and planning requires a minimum of 18 s.h., including 12 s.h. in University of Iowa courses numbered 3000 or above. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Course work in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass.

For help in selecting courses, students should contact the department secretary to request an advisor for the minor. Students may apply a maximum of 6 s.h. toward both the minor in environmental policy and planning and any major or minor in the Departments of Anthropology, Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, or Political Science.

The minor in environmental policy and planning requires three core courses plus three courses from the student's choice of track: the planning track or the policy track. Students may not use a course to satisfy more than one requirement of the minor.

Core Courses

All students complete three core courses.

This course:
GEOG:1070Contemporary Environmental Issues3
One of these:
ANTH:2261Human Impacts on the Environment3
ANTH:3103Environment and Culture3
ANTH:4130/RELS:4730Religion and Environmental Ethics3
One of these:
POLI:1400Introduction to Comparative Politics3
POLI:3111American Public Policy3

Students also complete course work in a single track, choosing three courses from either the planning track list or the policy track list below.

Planning Track

GEOG:2410Environment and Development3
GEOG:2930Water Resources3
GEOG:3210/CPH:3400Health, Work, and the Environment3
GEOG:3340Ecosystem Services: Human Dependence on Natural Systems3
GEOG:3350Urban Ecology3
GEOG:3400Iowa Environmental Policy in Practice3
GEOG:3760/GHS:3760Hazards and Society3
GEOG:4770/GHS:4770Environmental Justice3
NAIS:1290/AMST:1290/GHS:1290/HIST:1290Native American Foods and Foodways3
URP:3001/GEOG:3920Planning Livable Cities3
URP:3134/ECON:3640Regional and Urban Economics3
URP:3135/ECON:3625Environmental and Natural Resource Economics3
URP:3350/ECON:3750/GEOG:3940Transportation Economics3

Policy Track

ANTH:3237/MUSM:3237Politics of the Archaeological Past3
ANTH:3240Cultural Resources Management Archaeology: Practice and Practicalities3
CPH:3400/GEOG:3210Health, Work, and the Environment3
GEOG:3331Human Dimensions of Climate3
GEOG:3400Iowa Environmental Policy in Practice3
GEOG:3750Environmental Quality: Science, Technology, and Policy3
GEOG:3760/GHS:3760Hazards and Society3
GEOG:3780/GHS:3780/HIST:3240U.S. Energy Policy in Global Context3
HIST:3230American Environmental History3
NAIS:1290/AMST:1290/GHS:1290/HIST:1290Native American Foods and Foodways3
POLI:2417Comparative Environmental Policy3
POLI:3100American State Politics3
POLI:3102The U.S. Congress3
POLI:3110Local Politics3
POLI:3111American Public Policy3
POLI:3117Bureaucratic Politics and Public Administration3
POLI:3118Interest Groups3
POLI:3122Public Choice3
POLI:3123State Politics in Iowa (section EX)3
POLI:3204/SOC:3525Public Opinion3
POLI:3408Chinese Politics and Society3
POLI:3424Global Development3