The undergraduate Certificate in Disability Studies requires a minimum of 19 s.h. of credit. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in work for the certificate. The certificate may be earned by any student admitted to the University of Iowa who is not concurrently enrolled in a UI graduate or professional degree program.

The Certificate in Disability Studies requires the following coursework.

Core Courses

Students earn 11-12 s.h. by taking the following four core courses.

Both of these:
DST:1101Introduction to Disability Studies3
HIST:4203Disability in American History3
One of these:
EDTL:2073Finding Your Comfort Zone: Secrets to Success3
EDTL:4967Integrated Disability Studies Practicum2-3
TR:3261Inclusive Recreation3
And one of these:
CSD:1200Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities3
EDTL:4940Characteristics of Disabilities3
TR:3162Therapeutic Recreation: Clientele3

Focused Electives

Students earn a minimum of 7-8 s.h. in focused electives to earn a total of at least 19 s.h. for the certificate, which they select from courses in at least two of the following lists (maximum of 6 s.h. from any one list). They may count a maximum of 3 s.h. earned in courses numbered below 3000 toward this requirement.

Aging and Longevity Studies
ASP:1800/CSD:1800/NURS:1800/SSW:1800/TR:1800Aging Matters: Introduction to Gerontology3
ASP:3135/GHS:3050/SSW:3135Global Aging3
ASP:3150Psychology of Aging3
American Sign Language
ASL:3200Topics in Deaf Studies3
ASL:3300American Deaf Culture3
ASL:3400Issues in ASL and Deaf Studies3
ASL:3500Deafness in the Media3
ASL:3600American Sign Language Literature3
ASLE:3905/EDTL:3905Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students3-4
American Studies
AMST:2025Diversity in American Culture3
ANTH:3102/CBH:3102/GHS:3102Medical Anthropology3
Communication Sciences and Disorders
CSD:1015Introduction to Speech and Hearing Processes and Disorders2
CSD:3185Hearing Loss and Audiometry3
CSD:4145Developmental Language Disorders3
CSD:4148Developmental Speech Disorders3
Computer Science
CS:4980Topics in Computer Science II (when topic is research and development of accessible computing technologies)3
Disability Studies
DST:1200/GHS:1200/GRMN:1200/WLLC:1200Disabilities and Inclusion in Writing and Film Around the World3
DST:3102Culture and Community in Human Services2-3
EDTL:3130Adaptive Physical Education for the Elementary Classroom Teacher2
EDTL:4900Foundations of Special Education3
EDTL:4921Transition and Related Issues3
EDTL:4950Behavioral and Social Interventions3
EDTL:4990Interdisciplinary Issues in Disabilities1-3
EPLS:4180Human Relations for the Classroom Teacher3
RCE:4195Ethics in Human Relations and Counseling3
RCE:4197Citizenship in a Multicultural Society3
GEOG:3110/GHS:3111Geography of Health3
Health and Human Physiology
HHP:2200Physical Activity and Health3
HIST:4201/ASL:4201History of the American Deaf Community3-4
MUS:1687Orientation to Music Therapy2
NURS:1030Human Development and Behavior3
NURS:3712/SSW:3712Human Sexuality, Diversity, and Society3
Psychological and Brain Sciences
PSY:2301Introduction to Clinical Psychology3
PSY:2930Abnormal Psychology: Health Professions3
PSY:3320Abnormal Psychology3
Social Work
SSW:3847Discrimination, Oppression, and Diversity3
Therapeutic Recreation
TR:3160Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation3