The undergraduate Certificate in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies requires 34 s.h. The certificate may be earned by any student admitted to the University of Iowa who is not concurrently enrolled in a UI graduate or professional degree program. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in work for the certificate.

Students may earn the Certificate in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies or the minor in American Sign Language, but not both.

The certificate program teaches students about the history, culture, and language of the American Deaf community. It is interdisciplinary, permitting students to link study in two or more disciplines into an organized investigation of a language and culture. Through their study of American Sign Language, students learn a language that is semantically and grammatically very different from their own and that operates in a different sensory channel. They also encounter a rich and complex culture, including a rapidly growing literature recorded on film and videotape since the early 20th century.

Certificate requirements include the four-course American Sign Language sequence (16 s.h.) or demonstration of equivalent proficiency; 6 s.h. of core courses; and 12 s.h. of focused electives in two or more disciplines.

Students may use each course required for the certificate to satisfy only one certificate requirement. But they may use a course to satisfy a certificate requirement as well as a requirement for a major or for a minor in another discipline. Students may count a maximum of 6 s.h. completed for a major, a minor, or another certificate offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences toward the Certificate in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies. Courses used to satisfy certificate requirements may not be taken pass/nonpass.

A maximum of 6 s.h. of transfer credit may be accepted toward certificate requirements, with the approval of the American Sign Language and Deaf studies advisor.

The Certificate in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies requires the following course work.

Language Sequence Courses (or equivalent) 16
Core Courses6
Focused Electives12
Total Hours34

Language Sequence

Certificate students must complete the following sequence or be able to demonstrate equivalent proficiency. Students must demonstrate 75 percent proficiency in the expressive and receptive elements of each course in order to register for the next course in the sequence.

ASL:1001American Sign Language I4
ASL:1002American Sign Language II4
ASL:2001American Sign Language III4
ASL:2002American Sign Language IV4

Core Courses

Students complete at least two of these (minimum of 6 s.h.):

ASL:3100American Sign Language Conversation3
ASL:3200Topics in Deaf Studies3
ASL:3300American Deaf Culture3
ASL:3400Issues in ASL and Deaf Studies3
ASL:3500Deafness in the Media3
ASL:3600American Sign Language Literature3
ASL:4201/HIST:4201History of the American Deaf Community3
ASLE:2500Introduction to Interpreting3-4
ASLE:3905/EDTL:3905Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students3-4

Focused Electives

Students earn a total of at least 12 s.h. in courses chosen from the lists below. They must choose courses from at least two different disciplines.

American Studies
AMST:1010Understanding American Cultures3
AMST:2025Diversity in American Culture3
ANTH:1401Language, Culture, and Communication3
Communication Sciences and Disorders
CSD:3117/LING:3117Psychology of Language3
CSD:3118/LING:3118Language Acquisition3
CSD:3185Hearing Loss and Audiometry3
Disability Studies
DST:1101Introduction to Disability Studies3
DST:3102Culture and Community in Human Services3
EDTL:3382/ENGL:3190Language and Learning3
EDTL:3905/ASLE:3905Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students3-4
EDTL:3933The Culturally Different in Diverse Settings3
EDTL:4900Foundations of Special Education (requires admission to Teacher Education Program)3
EDTL:4940Characteristics of Disabilities3
EPLS:4180Human Relations for the Classroom Teacher3
RCE:4197Citizenship in a Multicultural Society3
HIST:4201/ASL:4201History of the American Deaf Community3
HIST:4203Disability in American History3
LING:1010Language and Society3
LING:1040/ANTH:1040Language Rights3
LING:1060Languages of the World3
LING:3001Introduction to Linguistics3
LING:3030Child Language-Linguistic Perspectives3
LING:4589/PHIL:4589Philosophy of Language3
Psychological and Brain Sciences
PSY:3085/SLA:3401Language Development3
PSY:3670/LING:3670Language Processes3
Social Work
SSW:3847Discrimination, Oppression, and Diversity3
TRNS:2000Translation and Global Society3
TRNS:3179/CL:3179/CLSA:3979/ENGL:3850Undergraduate Translation Workshop3