The Certificate in Aging Studies takes a multidisciplinary approach to gerontology. Its course work has been coordinated and sequenced to provide a broad background in aging for students from varied disciplines. Students should speak with the Aging Studies Program coordinator about their intent to earn the certificate. They work with their academic advisors and the coordinator to develop an individual plan of study that complements their degree program and career interests.

The graduate Certificate in Aging Studies requires 21 s.h. of credit. The certificate program is open to University of Iowa graduate students with aging-related career interests and needs. Graduate students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.50 in work for the certificate.

The certificate's required 21 s.h. of credit must be earned in Aging Studies Program courses (prefix ASP) and other courses approved for the program. With permission from the Aging Studies Program coordinator, students also may be able to use other aging-related courses for the certificate. Students must earn at least 18 s.h. of certificate credit in courses numbered 3000 or above, and they must earn at least 15 s.h. toward the certificate at the University of Iowa.

Certificate requirements include a core curriculum of five courses and an additional 8 s.h. of elective course work from the list of approved aging-related courses. Students may take core courses before or concurrently with other courses in the program, but they should complete the core courses before they enroll in the internship and internship seminar. Students who complete an aging-related internship or practicum in their major field may be able to count that experience as their Aging Studies Program internship; consult with the Aging Studies Program coordinator. Transfer credit requests are evaluated individually by the Aging Studies Program coordinator.

The Certificate in Aging Studies requires the following course work.

Core Courses

All certificate students must complete the following five core courses.

ASP:3135Global Aging3
ASP:3150Psychology of Aging3
ASP:3160Biology of Aging3
ASP:4189Aging Studies Internship Seminar1
ASP:4190/SSW:4190Aging Studies Internship3


Students must complete an additional 8 s.h. of electives selected from courses offered by the Aging Studies Program (prefix ASP) and/or from approved aging-related courses offered by other academic units. Practicum and/or research courses offered by other academic units may be accepted for elective credit if they focus on aging; students who wish to apply course work from other departments should consult the Aging Studies Program.