The Master of Science program in informatics requires a minimum of 30-32 s.h. of graduate credit, depending on a student's choice of subprogram: the bioinformatics and computational biology subprogram requires a minimum of 30 s.h. of credit; the geoinformatics, health informatics, and information science subprograms require a minimum of 32 s.h. of credit. Students working toward a Doctor of Philosophy in informatics may be granted a Master of Science degree upon completion of the M.S. requirements.

Credit required for the M.S. includes 9-12 s.h. in foundations of informatics and at least 9 s.h. in disciplinary applications of informatics.

Students select an advisor from their subprogram's affiliated faculty members. In consultation with their advisors, students prepare a study plan, which is reviewed at least once a year. A final master's degree examination, either oral or written, is required for the geoinformatics or information science subprogram.

For more information about the Master of Science requirements, see the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics website.

M.S. (Health Informatics Subprogram)/Pharm.D.

The College of Pharmacy and the Graduate College offer the combined Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Science in informatics with a health informatics subprogram. The combined degree program requires completion of 32 s.h. beyond the bachelor's degree. Students who complete the program are granted both degrees.

The Pharm.D./M.S. program assists students to develop special expertise in information technology, including management of electronic health records, health information exchange standards, electronic prescribing, medication management, decision support, as well as other competencies. Graduates will be prepared for employment in industry or academic institutions with skills to address pharmacotherapy issues as well as information technology management.

Separate application to each degree program is required. Applicants must be admitted to both programs before they may be admitted to the combined degree program. It is recommended that students apply to the Graduate College for admission to the M.S. program before entering the spring semester of their first year in the pharmacy program. For more information, see Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) in the College of Pharmacy section of the Catalog.

Applicants to the M.S. program should apply to the degree subprogram of their choice; the subprograms make independent admission decisions.

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate College; see the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Graduate College. They also must meet the admission requirements of the informatics subprogram they want to enter; see Admission Requirements on the program's website.