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OSTC:3750 Fundamentals of Micro and Nanofabrication3 s.h.

Fundamentals of micro- and nano-fabrication processes; physical principles of photo and electron beam lithography, alternative nano-lithography techniques, thin film deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, atomic layer deposition, self-assembly; metrology methods; physical and chemical processes of wet and plasma etching; cleanroom science, operations, safety protocols; sequential micro- and nano-fabrication processes involved in manufacture of semiconductor, photonic, nanoscale devices; imaging and characterization of micro- and nano-structures; scientific and technological applications of emerging micro- and nano-devices and systems. Prerequisites: BIOL:1141 or CHEM:1120 or PHYS:1612 or CHEM:1110 or CHEM:1060 or PHYS:1702 or PHYS:1611. Requirements: undergraduate lab course in chemistry, biology, physics, or engineering. Same as PHYS:3750.