This is a list of all fundraising and philanthropy communication courses. For more information, see Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication.

FPC:2100 Internship in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication1-3 s.h.

Faculty-supervised professional work experience in fundraising and philanthropy communication.

FPC:2200 Communication and Public Relations3 s.h.

Theory and practice of public relations; cultural, social, and organizational roles of public relations, opportunities, problems, and solutions.

FPC:3100 Fundraising Fundamentals3 s.h.

Nonprofit organization reliance on raised funds to survive and thrive; basic concepts of fundraising for successful nonprofit organization; work with a nonprofit organization to explore basic fundraising techniques that nonprofits typically use including donor research, annual fund campaigns (phone, mail, email), capital campaigns, events, cause-related marketing, grants, planned giving, and donor stewardship; when and how to use different fundraising strategies to meet an organization's goals. Same as JMC:3101.

FPC:3185 Nonprofit and Fundraising Communication3 s.h.

Practical experience planning and writing fundraising materials; how yearly fundraising helps approximately 1.5 million nonprofit organizations receive more than $3 billion from individuals, foundations, and corporations to help people in need, advocate for causes, support research/arts/culture, and enhance opportunities for public and/or their members. Prerequisites: FPC:3100 or MGMT:3500. Same as JMC:3100.

FPC:3633 Philanthropy Communication in a Digital World3-4 s.h.

World of philanthropy and nonprofit work that changes rapidly with and in response to developments in digital communications; campaigns and fundraisers driven by free agents on social networking sites as an example of how philanthropists and nonprofit workers operate in digital environment; overview of trends in areas of philanthropy and nonprofit work; practical skills to help communicate, create, and disseminate messages using multiple digital tools and social media; analysis of communication/media strategies; media production. Prerequisites: (JMC:2010 and JMC:2020) or FPC:3100 or MGMT:3500. Same as JMC:3633.